Social Offline: 5 Reasons you need a Blog Squad

If you follow my main blog, LaceyFitspo, you will be aware that I have a segment with links to my Blog Squad. We're actually titled "The Pod Squad" as we started off as an Instagram pod, but since then we have developed into much more. Though we love meeting new bloggers every day, there's something [...]


Why you’re not a blogger who gets to review products or events

I've noticed a lot of new entry bloggers pop up recently who seem to only be after one thing. Freebies. They want to go to all the events, try new products, eat free food, etc, but they all seem to be lacking something: Effort. I've decided to write this piece, not only to help bloggers [...]

Utilizing Tumblr to Promote your Blog

Sorry if this is a short post, it was requested by a reader and I wasn't sure how much I could elaborate with this topic. Still, I hope many of you find this useful! If you know me from LaceyFitspo, you will know that I am very new to WordPress. Why? Because I used to [...]

Video on a budget? That’s easy!

When you start promoting yourself online, whether you're a blogger or a local business, creating video footage to share online can often seem more complicated and expensive than it actually needs to be. Though a camera can be a good investment, I believe that you can create some decent footage using your phone, and there's [...]


Just a quick first blog post to say thank you for visiting my new website! If you already know me from laceyfitspo, thanks for following me to my new project. If you're completely new, than welcome to my online family! If you head to the about page you will find out the purpose of this [...]